Home + Community is Everything


My deep love of community and the satisfaction of feeling “At Home” is my absolute motivation in real estate.  I feel finding the right home and community is essential to living the lifestyle you and your family dream of!

 I am a proud fourth generation Portland Oregonian on both sides of my family tree.  I cherish my solid roots on the east side of Portland in Laurelhurst, Mt. Tabor and Irvington neighborhoods. These communities enriched my life and made me who I am today.  I currently live in Hillsboro with my husband and our little girls. We’ve embraced this really special chapter of our lives and we truly enjoy the small-town feel.

 I am currently the Communication Leader with the Oregon Residential Real Estate Council and I just took on another volunteer position as the Conversation Leader with the National Residential Real Estate Council.  These are incredible positions for we provide outstanding education & networking to top notch Realtors nationally.

 In Real Estate ……

As you are moving towards the huge decisions in buying or selling your home my job as your Realtor is to stand by your side. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, my job as a Realtor is to assist you in finding the “right” HOME + COMMUNITY for you and your lifestyle.

 If you currently own property and are thinking about selling it, I’d be honored to help you go through the process of preparing your home for sale and staging it.  We will discuss your thoughts on pricing vs the market today with local comps.  Pricing your home appropriately and at fair market value will get it sold … along with marketing it effectively. 

 My commitment to you is excellent communication & fulfilling all your expectations in this special HOME journey.  I strongly feel The Nordstrom Experience isn’t just clothing & shoes!  Real Estate is …. buying and selling your Dreams, Memories and Comforts of where we Live, Work, Raise families, Entertain the people we love most & Create incredible Community!

Thank You …. for visiting my page!

All Heart,

Sarah Malarkey